You know in your heart that you were meant for more...

More happiness. More fun. More connection. With an wonderful man by your side, to enrich each experience life has to offer!


You’ve thought your whole life it would happen for you. And somehow, no matter what you’ve tried, it hasn’t. You’re at that point of giving up. 

Hi, I'm Veronica Haupt. I WAS YOU!

A woman with a dream to have an amazing, connected relationship with a wonderful man.


I did the marriage thing – TWICE, with 10 YEARS between each marriage! (You’d think I’d have figured it out in that time…)

My marriages were almost identical, to very similar guys. 


And this after YEARS of ‘self-work’, courses, trolling the internet for advice, reading tons of books, learning as much as I could about relationships, men, and myself. 

I KNEW it was possible to have the relationship of my dreams. Some of my friends were living proof! 


But it seemed that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it right. 


I thought I had been the perfect girlfriend or wife. But something I was doing, just wasn’t working. 


I started to think I was just one of those people who were destined to be single forever. I convinced myself that that was okay, that my life was fulfilled enough without a partner. 


FINALLY, I INVESTED IN A 1:1 MENTOR, who happened to be a psychotherapist too. She made such an impact on my life that I left my corporate job, trained to become a psychotherapist and coach, and completely changed the course of my life. 

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Now I work with clients who want the same level

of personal growth I experienced.

You know there’s only so much that you can REALLY learn from Facebook, online articles, video courses, and the like…

Perhaps you've been trying to apply what you've learnt, and it just isn't working. 

My clients are single, successful women who want a successful relationship with the man that is perfect for them – in as short a time as possible.

My signature Rock The Love Game programs are different from anything else you'll find.


My SPECIALITY is helping women discover EXACTLY what is blocking them, and then using super-advanced techniques from the field of neuroscience to shift them. 


RESULTS? An amazing relationship with a wonderful man, just right for YOU, in record time.

Are You Ready To Succeed At Love?

Looking forward to meeting you!