Avoid Toxic Relationships; And The

Meaning of 'Gaslighting' 

What People Say...


'...Working with Veronica is like a catch up with an old friend, so easy and relaxed.  The program was enlightening and I have learnt so much and grown as a person - it wasn't always easy but Veronica is there every step of the way.

I am a happier and emotionally lighter version of the old me, improved and I will continue to grow all because of the tools Veronica has shared with me and honestly I'm a little sad the course is done!' - Candice S


"...I cannot recommend (Veronica) highly enough. I definitely would not embark on a new relationship without the healing work that she is able to facilitate. This is especially true if one wishes to avoid all the old traps and the replaying of old stories that lead to the same place of heartache over and over again. With Veronica, a fresh beginning is truly possible". - Sandy L

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'I can honestly say that your methods have been easy to use.  It allowed me to do something I have never before been able to do and discover.  It has lead me to understand a lot more about how the law of attraction works, how beliefs work, how to release them.  Never before have I been able to fully understand it so as to be able to identify or release them.  And now, through working with you, my mind is finally able to piece it all together... I can truly write a new story... It is as though, after so many years of searching for answers and a pattern, it has finally happened... It is just amazing how it has released so many things I have been stuck on for so long.  I am truly grateful and immensely happy about this. - Chantel D

'It was wonderful working with you. You are calm and friendly and made me feel relaxed. I also felt at ease sharing my life with you because you said you experienced the same. It made me feel that I'm not alone in this. 

You helped me change beliefs from my childhood. Beliefs that made me feel angry and made me withdrawn. Before I would easily get angry if people don't listen to me. Which were many times rediculous situations. I always wondered why am I getting so angry.

I am much more calm and I am much more confident in meeting or talking to attractive men.

The best thing is that it didn't take months. It happens almost instantly. I felt like I new, calmer me within a few days!' Renee H, now engaged

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